Brave Mom Monthly Feature

To celebrate all the brave things the moms of
Eagle MOPS have, are, and will do I want to open up the opportunity for you to
share through writing.  One of my goals
as publicity coordinator is to have a blog post go out each week we are not
meeting as a MOPS group to help keep us connected and get to know each
other.  I will also publish them in our newsletter
as space allows.  Please consider
contributing towards this effort by writing a blog entry and submitting it,
along with picture(s) if you’d like, with the subject line MOPS Monthly Feature to  Here are some ideas to write about:
  • “Speak” out-loud what your “brave” is by
    sharing a challenge you are facing
  • Go
    through a chapter in the A Be you, Bravely Guidebook and share what you learned
  • Share a picture of the bravest thing you’ve ever
    done and write a caption or short paragraph to accompany it.
  • Share a humorous, encouraging or though-provoking
    personal story.
  • Share your road to motherhood or a personal
    journey you’ve been on.
  • Try a new challenging (to you) DIY or recipe
    and write about the experience.
  • Share a tip or advice to help make a mom’s
    life easier (organization, planning, scheduling, parenting, relationships,
    traveling and budgeting, etc.)

Note:  If you’d like to
share a story, but prefer it not be published on the blog and only be put in
our print/email newsletter or on the private Facebook group we can definitely make
that happen as well, just communicate that with your submission.

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